Sunday Links for January 8, 2012

“Best books” lists are still coming out. Here’s the 2011 Tomb Top Ten for the horror lovers among you. It even includes dark poetry!

Tangent Online offers its list of short science fiction and fantasy worth reading. Lots of stories there – enough to keep you busy throughout 2012 reading 2011 fiction if you wanted!

John Stevens at SF Signal offers his “sort of” best list for 2011. This is a thoughtful column that makes some fine recommendations.

io9 lists its best and worst SF movies of the year here. I’m delighted to say that I didn’t see any of the bad ones, and a little sad that I’ve see only two of the good ones. I guess that’s what Netflix and On Demand are for, right? And why didn’t “Another Earth” make the best list? I wasn’t going to add “Fright Night” to the queue, but with David Tennant and Colin Farrell in it, well, it’s at least worth a look, right?

Some “top ten” lists are looking ahead, not behind. Here, a list of the most anticipated SF/F movies of 2012. There’s nothing on that list that isn’t on mine!

If you’re a gamer, this list of forthcoming games might well rock your world. Me, I just got the tenth anniversary edition of Myst, Riven and Exile, so that tells you how far behind I am. But this list sure gets my attention.

There are, of course, books to look forward to as well. Here’s one blogger’s list. Many of those immediately jumped onto my list, as well.

Need a kick in the butt on your writing habits? Yeah, me too. Try this. It helps. A lot. My favorite entry in the list:

You don’t get to be a proper storyteller by putting it so far down your list it’s nestled between “Complete the Iditarod (but with squirrels instead of dogs)” and “Two words: Merkin, Macrame.” You want to do this shit, it better be some Top Five Shiznit, son. You know you’re a writer because it’s not just what you do, but rather, it’s who you are. So why deprioritize that thing which forms part of your very identity?

Yes. That’s what I needed to hear.

And in a musical vein, this will bring a bit of joy to your heart and color to your world.

Pico Iyer writes long sentence about long sentences here. Some lovely writing.

A pair of fabulous bits of art that aren’t writing for you to close. First, the sublime: landscapes carved from books. Have you been wondering what to do with your outdated version of the Encyclopedia Britannica? Wonder no more.

And then we move from the sublime to the ridiculous: A musical based on “Soylent Green.” The notion seems, um, well, stupid. Impossible. Really, really dumb. But Outside the Box is doing it, and you can see an excerpt here. (My guess: like me, you’ll wind up watching every episode of this Web series, and wind up with tears of laughter streaming down your face. In other words, you’ll have Big Happy Pants.)